Go Digital

The ability to respond and adapt to your market – needs to increase at the same speed as changes in the market environment. It doesn’t matter what business you’re in, online presence and expertise are now a required, key competency of a successful business and organization. #WE_MAKE_MAKE_IT_BETTER.

How To Make Your Brand Stand Out On Social Media

Social Media Marketing Helps brands build awareness, creates interactive and engaging relationships with customers and prospects. Here are some of the essential elements to consider; ADD VALUE Define the value your brand brings to your social media audiences, WHY? Because if you can’t define the value, you certainly won’t be able to show any value. […]

What Is Internet Marketing

Today, ignoring the internet while developing your commercial enterprise could be a deadly mistake. Irrespective of the size, majority of businesses these days are engaged in internet marketing and advertising. That’s due to the fact it’s far the most inexpensive way to reach masses of their target market. But what is internet advertising and marketing truly? […]

Online Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

TRADITIONAL MARKETING TRADITIONAL MARKETING Sales Pitch Relevant conversation Static text and documents Dynamic visuals, audio and multimedia content POWER- Power and Influence with traditional marketing is retained by the media owner and advertiser POWER- Control and influence is with the customer Calendar and Budget Bound- Fixed start- end points Open Ended- Launch, review, adjust and […]

Welcome to FOKUSGROUP…

This specific name “Fokus” came about due to the fact that we are digging into details today’s technology, providing high quality services for our customers in websites, information system development and standardized computer support, Digital Marketing and networking service. We are very much dedicated to serve you and please contact us. Find us on Facebook […]